Our Track Record

CMAT has a strong track record in improving achievement and attainment across schools in the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough area.

Recent OFSTED quotations support our track record:


“The Trust provides excellent strategic leadership and steers improvement through high-quality training, guidance and support” – December 2015

“Teachers have access to high-quality training and are able to communicate with staff across other academies in the Trust, enabling staff to share ideas and plan joint trips and usefully check the reliability of one another’s assessments.” – December 2015

“Since April, the Trust has bolstered leadership and accelerated the academy’s transformation by providing strong strategic direction and high-quality support and guidance” – December 2015

“The Cambridge Meridian Academies Trust provides the academy with expertise in all areas of leadership and teaching. Staff have the opportunity to work with other schools in the trust to learn from their successful practices. The Executive Principal’s support in instigating staff restructuring and clarification of responsibilities has contributed to addressing some of the key aspects that has led to the academy’s under performance” – Jan 2015

“The Cambridge Meridian Academies Trust has taken swift action to secure the safety of students within the building and grounds. Visitors are carefully checked and they can no longer access areas where students are taught unless they are supervised” – Jan 2015

“Additional staffing provided by the academy trust has helped to raise standards within several departments, including English. The Principals of the trust’s other academies help senior leaders and governors to check standards; effective teaching techniques are shared between colleagues across the trust” – Feb 2015

“Working together effectively, senior staff, governors, the Cambridge Meridian Academies’ Trust, and the local education authority have developed a good school in wonderful new buildings” – Nov 2013