Setting up security questions for Office 365

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If you’ve never used Office 365 before then you’ll need to follow the guide below to setup your security questions.
This will help you to reset your password.
CMAT and Microsoft do not have access to the answers you give here. We can only reset them.

Step 1

Open your favourite web browser and go to

Enter your e-mail address (your screen may refresh after you type in your email address).

Enter your normal IT password.

Step 2

If this is your first time logging into our cloud, then it will ask you to provide additional security information if we need to recover your account. (See image below). Click Next.

Step 3

You need to set two sets of security options.
Authentication by Phone – You can use your mobile number and you will recieve a text message, if you don’t have a mobile or don’t want to use it then you can use your home phone number and Microsoft will call it with an automated message telling you that you’ve been successful in authenticating yourself.
Neither CMAT or Microsoft have access to the answers you save as your security questions or the phone number you use to authenticate yourself. These are encrypted within the system and CMAT IT can only reset your answers.

It will ask you for your mobile number and also ask you to setup some security questions.

Start with the Authentication Phone option – Click on Set it up now

Step 4

Now click either text me or call me. We recommend using your mobile number, click text me and you will receive a text message with a 6 digit number.

Step 5

When you’ve entered a mobile number, you’ll see the screens below.
Enter the code you get on your mobile phone into the blue box shown on screen and click Verify.

Step 6

Nearly there!
Just need to set some security questions and you are all done.
Click on “Set them up now” and move onto step 7.

Step 7

Here you need to select 3 questions from the drop-down list and then type in your answer.

The questions are shown below.


An example is shown below – don’t use these unless they are your actual answers of course!

Step 8

Now click on the blue “save answers” button.

Now you are all done. Click Finish and it will log you in.

Don’t forget the 3 answers to your questions!