CMAT & CPET working together to support the Life Academies Trust

Mark Woods (CMAT CEO) and Lesley Birch (CPET Executive Principal) are to support and collaborate closely with the Life Academies Trust following the resignation of the CEO at the Life Academies Trust.

Mark and Lesley will work with LIFE to provide interim support and expertise whilst the Trust Board determine the best course of action to ensure the future success of the Trust.

The LIFE trust are confident that CMAT and CPET can provide the experience and knowledge to support their organisation as they continue to strive for excellence in education. There will be no changes to day to day arrangements, Ms Flynn, as Principal of Biggleswade Academy, and Mrs Wyatt, as Head of Early Years, will continue their good work as they lead their staff in providing the best possible life experience and learning experience for all children, in whichever setting they attend.

Letter LIFE Academies Trust sent to parents