CMAT Primary SATs scores hit new highs!

West Town Primary, Downham Feoffees Primary and Sawtry Junior Academy have made huge improvements in their 2018 Key Stage 2 SATs results.

All three primary schools’ results are now above or in line with the national results and the combined score in each school is above national. For the 2017/18 academic year, the schools introduced a new way of teaching reading which has impacted on both the results and the children’s engagement and enjoyment of books. CMAT’s approach to maths emphasises on concrete pictorial and abstract approaches to developing reasoning skills.

Jane Dooley, Executive Principal of Primaries at Cambridge Meridian Academies Trust, said: “CMAT’s mission is to deliver, promote and inspire high quality educational provision in schools at the heart of their local communities. Across the Trust, we are so proud of all of our students’ hard work to achieve these fantastic results. I’d like to thank all of the teachers for working incredibly hard with the students to ensure they have the skills and confidence to succeed and be ready for their secondary education.”

Jane added: “It is great to see that our new CMAT primary approach to teaching and learning is having such an impact on a variety of different school contexts, ensuring that every student achieves their maximum potential. I hope to be able to further extend and develop this approach with our two recently joined primaries, The Lantern in Ely and Bar Hill, which brings our CMAT primary family to five for the 2018/19 academic year.”

Susan Jaques, Head of School at Downham Feoffees Primary Academy, said: “Our Year Six students have really worked hard to achieve this success. We are really impressed with the way the teachers have used CMAT’s advice and guidance to support the children in making such massive progress from the start of the year. We have had a fantastic first year as a CMAT academy.”

Sarah Flack, Principal at Sawtry Junior Academy, said: “Our dedicated approach to providing a good education to the children of Sawtry is now showing in solidly good results. We will continue to aim even higher in the coming year with the guidance and support of CMAT and our leadership team. Such massive improvement is really impressive, and we are extremely proud of our staff and children for their hard work.”

Hannah Quinn, Principal at West Town Primary Academy, said: “The approach to teaching that we have been developing over the past four years has continually helped us to improve results. To now be above national in several areas is a sizeable achievement for the children and our dedicated and talented teachers.”

Downham Feoffees Primary Academy has improved its results by 37 per cent, resulting in a combined score that is above national. The school’s maths improved by 37 per cent, reading by 27 per cent, SPAG by 25 per cent and writing by 11 per cent.

Over the past two years, Sawtry Junior Academy has made an impressive 37 percent increase in maths, a 33 per cent increase in writing and a 15 per cent increase in reading, broadly bringing the school in line with national in reading, writing and maths. Following the introduction of the new way of teaching reading, the school achieved a notable 35 per cent of children meeting the higher standard, 12 per cent above last year’s national for this standard.

West Town Primary Academy improved the percentage of children achieving the expected standard in reading by 20 per cent and achieved a combined score considerably above national. The school also achieved an impressive 90 per cent of children reaching the expected standard in Spelling Punctuation and Grammar (SPAG), which is reflected in the third consistent year of writing results far exceeding national at 85 percent.

Sawtry Junior Academy celebrating their SATs results: