New playing field for West Town Primary Academy

Dear Parents and Carers,

I am pleased to announce that Peterborough City Council’s planning committee approved the plans to provide the school with a new playing field on Thorpe Lea Meadow.

When the council built our new school building they realised that our previous playing field at Angus Court was too far away and did not have access to the right facilities, such as toilets and shelter should the weather change. The field was also in a poor condition, unsafe and due to it being a shared field that was used by members of the community, it presented safeguarding issues. This meant that we couldn’t use the field for physical education as we would have liked to.   A new dedicated playing field was essential for our school and our children.

We have worked closely with our partners at Peterborough City Council to identify a suitable new location on Thorpe Lea Meadows. The new playing field will provide a safe and suitable area that will dramatically improve the outdoor, sports and physical education opportunities our children deserve. The field is also much closer than our previous field and will be located opposite the school at the bottom of Thorpe Lea Road.

Now that the plans have been approved the council will invest a significant amount of money to create a dedicated space that will feature a mobile classroom, a marked football pitch, changing and toilet facilities and will be fenced to make sure our students are safe at all times.

We are delighted by the news and look forward to using it as soon as we can do. In the meantime, we will work with the council and the local community to ensure the area continues to be a source of immense pride at the very heart of our local community for years to come.


Yours faithfully,

Hannah Quinn,
Headteacher, West Town Primary Academy