Hannah Quinn

Principal, West Town Primary Academy

Hannah has worked at West Town Primary school since qualifying as a teacher in 2000, in which that time the school has changed considerably.

She has progressed ‘through the ranks’, initially as a middle leader and was successfully appointed as Deputy Head in April 2012. During this time Hannah has worked in all year groups except Foundation Stage (although she would love this opportunity in the future) and therefore has a real understanding of primary good practice – in particular for children with English as an Additional Language.

Hannah was instrumental in developing the school as a ‘school of creativity’ and is passionate about using inquiry based learning in order to develop key learning behaviours within pupils.

Hannah is interested in developing the potential of the adults in school in order to bring about school improvement. She is currently responsible for supporting the teaching staff with their professional development. This includes mentoring Teach First teachers and developing the Lesson Study model in school.