Jane Dooley

Executive Principal, Primary

Jane has led the improvement of the first CMAT primary school from measures to a good Ofsted grading. She is currently working with other primaries who have joined CMAT to improve their provision to ensure they are all at least good. Jane leads the development of the Trust’s primary education provision, ensuring that all the varied primaries in the Trust have bespoke guidance and support reflecting the needs of their individual characters, whilst benefiting from Trust wide structures and proven practice.

Jane brings a wealth of experience from the primary sector having worked in a number of schools across the East Midlands as a Headteacher and in a development role as a Director of Primary Education. Jane has raised schools from the verge of special measures to an expected outstanding rating. She has also held the coveted position of Local Leader of Education, helping other schools to develop better practice.

Jane currently works closely with local authority to improve the educational standards across Peterborough in her additional role of Leading Headteacher within the Peterborough Self Improving Schools Network. As an Ofsted Inspector Jane has a perspicacious awareness of the standards and aspirations nationally for primary education.