Mark Squires


Mark started his career with Philips working in electronic engineering and, after moving into sales, enjoyed success in a variety of senior managerial positions. He joined the Hutchison Corporation to brand and launch the Orange mobile network before consulting for several blue chip companies such as Fujitsu.

He moved to Nokia UK where, after building the UK distribution base, he headed up Marketing. Later his career moved into Communications and the management of messaging and media relationships. He then worked for the Nokia Corporation in the role of Director of Social Media where he managed internal sites and external blogs and built influencer relationships returning to the UK as Communications Director for Western Europe. For the two year period of the Nokia’s acquisition by Microsoft he was responsible for managing PR, media and communications to the UK media.

He opened Pinball PR, a business consultancy in 2015, is a Non Executive Director of a local PR agency and Chairman of a London based brand development company. In his spare time he restores pinball machines and is an active member of BAFTA.