Matthew Sampson BSc MIET MBCS

IT Director

Matthew has been responsible for the Strategic Development of ICT within the Trust since 2011. He sits on the CMAT projects team and has been instrumental in the design and leadership of technology within the Academy building programme.

He has worked within the IT industry for over 10 years. Coming to CMAT from another Academy, he was responsible for managing the IT systems and also implemented a Primary school support service to deliver strategic leadership and consistent IT supporting other local schools. He believes consistency between educational phases is extremely important, and has developed the scheme further with CMAT. He set-up a division of the Microsoft IT Academy to deliver meaningful ICT qualifications to students, but also providing CPD to staff and local businesses.

Within his team, Matthew has a wide range of engineers across the Academies who ensure that the core services and individual Academies are supported throughout the day. Through the use of the CMAT learning platform and wider CMAT cloud services, he is able to ensure that all students and staff have the tools they need to deliver a high quality educational experience within the classroom and at home. Through his leadership the Academy network managers deliver a strategic and comprehensive approach to address the needs of IT within the curriculum and the wider Trust processes to ensure that they use the right technology securely and appropriately.

Matthew regularly undertakes consultancy and strategy work for schools across Cambridgeshire and the rest of the UK,within the Primary and Secondary sectors and has spoken at various conferences.
He has recently completed a case study with CMAT for delivering Microsoft technology solutions effectively within the education sector, which can be found on the Microsoft case study website.

In his spare time, Matthew enjoys his other profession, music, and is often found touring with Cathedral and Chapel choirs around the world. He is also the Assistant Director of Music for a church in Cambridge.